Deep conversation starters

What is important either for a good date, for a pleasant dinner at home, or for a cheerful meeting with friends? An interesting subject for a conversation, for sure. Deep enough and fun enough. It should make you think. Make you listen to an exciting story. Help you to know your companion better. And eventually, let you get to know yourself.
Have you ever noticed, that even under about the same conditions an interesting conversation topic may suddenly appear, and may not? People are the same, and the atmosphere seems to be the same too. But one day you can’t stop talking even when it’s already time to go. And another day you check messages on your smartphone and look at your watch too often.
So, it looks like the lottery. Where the pleasant time is the stake. At the first sight, this stake is not so high, isn’t it? But if you lose it too often, the consequences may be more severe: people, who have nothing to talk about, become estranged. And if we’re talking about the date, even one evening may be a determinant for future relationships.
Is there any solution to this problem? Interesting explorations start with a question. And psychologists from all over the world try to formulate good questions which may be universal for different people to start a deep conversation. Sometimes they are called deep conversation starters.
Here in Fortalk we collect such deep questions and publish them on our social media. Also, Fortalk is a Telegram chatbot – launch it and have a great time playing with your friends, partner or kids.
We really hope that our conversation starters will motivate you to communicate with the people you care about more. And will help you to know your friends, your partner, and yourself deeper.